TCX RT-Race Boots

Race boots that keep your feet dry

To complement its racing range, TCX presents the RT-Race, technical boots that are more affordable than the R-S2 Evo, the flagship of the Italian brand, but also more versatile and waterproof.

With their contemporary sporty look and various color choices, the new TCX RT-Race complements the race range of the Italian equipment manufacturer TCX. Easy to put on, they do not use the inflation system found on the R-S2 Evo. They are narrower than these, but also less rigid, especially in the tibia, which makes them easier to wear every day, under jeans, for example.

Developed by the TCX Research and Development Center, these new sports boots represent decades of evolution and use advanced technologies. They have an internal lacing system, similar to the one found on the R-S2 Evo, which provides a perfect fit.

The RT-Race offers protection worthy of the best racing boots on the market. They use TCX’s Dual Flex Control (DFC) system which allows the foot to flex naturally forward and backward while preventing any twisting of the ankle which could cause injury.

The shin guard with micro-injections and lateral metal mesh air intakes is made of soft plastic and is less rigid than on the R-S2 Evo. It is decorated with the TCX logo. The boot opening is wide and has a soft synthetic leather lip for a perfect fit at the calf, regardless of the thickness of your leather suit. The top of the boot also has a plastic strap with a ratchet mechanism for precise adjustment.

To absorb shock TCX has equipped the RT-Race with polyurethane sliders at the big toe and on the outside of the foot. There are also two interchangeable sliders at the heel; one in magnesium on the outside and one in polyurethane, in the back.

An Air Tech liner ensures good air circulation in the boot and prevents the driver’s feet from sweating.

An innovative closure system is positioned on the outer side of the boot. The side elastic band is combined with a zip to promote a fast fit and offer excellent comfort at the foot and leg.

The sole features a unique design with variable thickness, with specific grip areas for flexibility and feel.

The TCX RT-Race boots are 459.99$, 180$ less than the R-S2.

TCX RT Race boots are comfortable, supple, lightweight and perfectly adapted to the foot of the rider.

They come in four color schemes – white / red / yellow – white / black – black / yellow – black / white – in sizes ranging from 38 to 49 (Europe), from 5 to 14 (North America).


  • Racing boots for men;
  • All seasons;
  • Lightweight and durable microfiber upper;
  • A super-injected front and lateral panel, combined with an elastic material;
  • Back padded and flexible area;
  • Suede protection on the inner side of the boot for optimum grip;
  • Soft microfiber calf tower. Internal closing system F.F.C. (Fasten Fit Control);
  • Breathable Air-Mesh lining, differentiated padding at the ankle;
  • D.F.C. (Double Flex Control System) reinforcements;
  • PU-structure on the independent ankles, improves flexibility of the front and back of the foot / leg offering great freedom of movement. Forward bending up to 14 degrees and backward flexion up to 13 degrees, avoiding excessive ankle extension and protecting the foot from fractures;
  • Shin guard with micro-injections and metal mesh air intakes;
  • Plastic strap with ratchet mechanism for precise adjustment;
  • Integrated buckle in the sole, new ergonomic heel in polyurethane;
  • Ankle protection with T.C.S (Torsion Control System) to limit twists and toe protection with the M.C.S (Metatarsal Control System);
  • Polyurethane front slider, heel with lateral magnesium slider and polyurethane back slider, all interchangeable;
  • External side zip fastener, elastic band with zip;
  • Reinforced PP insole, differentiated thicknesses;
  • Race Performance anatomic comfort sole;
  • Rubber outsole with specific grip areas;
  • Color: white / red / yellow – white / black – black / yellow – black / white;
  • Sizes: 38-49 (Europe); 5-14 (America);
  • Certification CE;
  • Price: 459.99$

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