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Motovan Sponsorship 2017

Although our deadline for 2017 sponsorship application was October 02, 2016 we would still like to invite you to send us your application and we will keep it on file for future reference. We would like to give an equal opportunity so everyone can benefit from our help and enjoy our extensive network of partners and suppliers please send your support requests at:



  • Riders (MX, Enduro, Road, Quad, Side-by-Side, Snowmobile, etc …)
  • Race track sponsorship
  • Fund raising events
  • Special projects relate to our industry
  • Series or racing events

We will carefully look at all requests in order to show our commitment as a corporate identity who looks after the best interest of its industry and has the development of its youth at heart. As we receive many applications IT IS IMPORTANT TO ENHANCE YOUR APPLICATION. Here are some things we value:

  • Full application (Name, Address, FB, Instagram, Twitter, Categories)
  • Current sponsorship
  • Previous sponsorship summary
  • Planning for you / your event
  • What are the advantages of MOTOVAN and its suppliers for representing you?
  • Photos & links
  • What are you asking for (be specific and realistic)