• To avoid any discomfort it seemed evident to us to get down to basic and delete the stitchings of the collar.
  • The jersey is also more tailored to put it closer to the rider and being like a second skin.
  • The vented panels have been extended to increase the airflow and keep you fresh during long sessions under the sun.
  • The main word is COMFORT.


We know the rider wants to be 100% of his capacity and we have to offer him the best solution to combine flexibility, lightness and durability. That’s why for this all new construction we use a stretch armored fabric, offers lightweight, resistance and increase your freedom of movement.

The samples have been tested in real conditions by our riders during the development to assure the best comfort and resistance we can do. It’s important to place well the panels and to check the abrasion resistance of our fabrics.

The articulated gusset above the knees has been replaced by a complete panel in our new fabric. In this way, we won on weight while keeping the same function.

We are one of the last brands continuing to reinforce the rear saddle!  Our riders always return us their pants after a complete season to analyze the abrasion placement and to improve our future collection and it’s a fact the reinforced rear saddle is a necessity for the product lifespan.


It’s the same for our new Aerolite Glove, it offers a really good feeling. You can grip your levers and turn the throttle without any effort. With the second skin construction and the Suede palm in combination with the silicone prints.

We selected a vented fourchette, now this part assures a perfect fit and also a maximum airflow without adding yokes and panels. As you can see the cuff is now really comfortable, you can forget you are wearing gloves and be focus on the holeshot!

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