Shoei J•O Helmet

Shoei says that its new J•O open-face helmet isn’t just a trendy “vintage” lid with classic styling traits from Shoei’s of yesteryear. It also has modern functionality that complement its retro looks.

To help accentuate the overall finish and premium aesthetics of the J•O, a matte synthetic Nubuck leather lines the forehead area to prevent unwanted reflections into the shield, and glossy synthetic leather is used around the bottom edge of the interior for ease of cleaning and added styling.

The J•O has a classic open-face shell that has a compact, narrow design that features a streamlined 1950’s “Ducktail.” The J•O has Shoei-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM Shell construction, which combines fiberglass with lightweight organic and high-performance fibers. DOT Certified, the J•O’s AIM Shell is available in six sizes from XS to XXL (3 shells/4 liners) to ensure a custom fit for every rider. The J•O’s multi-density EPS liner has tunnels to allow for airflow.


It has an integrated and retractable CJ-3 shield, which comes in optional Dark Smoke, HD Yellow, Spectra Chrome, and Spectra Gold. No tools are needed to swap the shield. The shield has a round shape similar to vintage goggles and bubble shields and allows room for sunglasses or eyeglasses when closed.

No safety has been compromised due to the presence of the integrated CJ-3 shield, as the thickness of the EPS liner material is consistent throughout the entire helmet.

The shield was developed in Shoei’s in-house wind tunnel to minimize unwanted road noise and wind turbulence near the face. The surface area on the sides of the shield was maximized to help reduce the “rolling-in” effect that wind turbulence can cause at high speeds.


Airflow spoiler tabs located on the bottom of the shield function not only to help open and close the shield with ease (even with riding gloves on) but also act as spoilers to efficiently manage the flow of air around the helmet. The J•O’s CJ-3 shield system is equipped with a three-position adjustment mechanism, which moves the height of the bottom edge of the shield in conjunction with the rider’s face and nose.

J•O Pricing

Solid Colors: $499.99
Graphics: $599.99

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