Product Review – Mike and Michelle



Model: Olympia Air Glide 5
Size: 6
Colour: Black/High Visibility

I was never really a big fan of any high visibility gear when it first came out as the jackets were usually just a solid high vis colour with very little styling.  My view has changed 100% with our new beautifully styled Olympia gear and we love the comments we get from our fellow riders.   I love the pocket positions, the pull tabs on the pockets and the aggressive front zipper you can use with gloves on.

My usual position when we are running tours in Mexico is sweep so I might be behind upwards of 8 bikes; Mike is the tour group leader and in his new High Vis gear I can see him for a long distance, through traffic congestion, in Towns and Cities and on the open road.  The people in between us are not easily visible in their typically black gear, and we want these tourists to have a great ride but number 1, we want them safe.



Model: AG4
Size: 6
Colour: Black

As soon as I put on these riding pants I was instantly comfortable.  It is evident that these pants were designed for women who ride as they fit great everywhere, including the knee pads that remain in the proper position sitting, standing, or wearing them on a 2 hour walking excursion in 35C temperatures.

These are my first (fully) vented pants and they are a must for riding in Mexico with daily riding temperatures going from a low of 18C to a high of 42C.  I can’t believe how cool (and dry from sweat) we stay.

My only issue with the pants is that I am having my front hip pads bunch up and require adjustment after each washroom break (only when sweaty).  I need to flatten them out at times and position them to cover my hips.  Having the padding pockets behind the liner would probably solve this issue.


April 17, 2017

Mike and I just finished 9 days in a row of pretty intense moto tour-guiding and we are both really happy with our new Olympia gear.  Very comfortable, excellent cooling ability on our hottest day of 42C, professional looking for guiding and sweeping our tours….and I just hosed off and hand washed with laundry detergent and the jackets look brand new again!

We are looking forward to our ride back to Toronto from Mexico and getting the chance to test out the warmth liners and the rain gear both inside and outside of the jackets.

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