Introducing Olympia Snow

Olympia Motosports is thrilled to announce the fall 2017 launch of a complete new line of high quality snow apparel. After 15 years of producing some of the finest adventure riding apparel in North America, we needed a new challenge… The result is an outstanding and dynamic lineup of premium snow apparel.

Olympia Snow offers the ideal fusion of high tech features and unique functionality to create exceptional snow apparel. The new lineup embodies Olympia’s core values, but also embraces some new attributes, like fl air and attitude.

Scheduled to launch in Canada in the fall of 2017, our Olympia Snow garments will combine the very best materials with unparalleled precision, craftsmanship, comfort and style. Whether you’re spending the weekend in the freezing temperatures of the north or simply taking your sled out for a short ride, our Olympia Snow apparel is sure to keep you warm and comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you.


“Staying true to the traditions of our motorcycle apparel and inspired by tomorrow’s trends in Powersports gear, we’ve put together a truly incredible new line of winter gear. Design and technical features were seamlessly combined to make the perfect garment for any winter condition and activity” says Philippe Bouthillier, Olympia Senior Designer.

Olympia is an active participant in the Powersport industry, including trade/consumer shows and dealer events. In addition, the forthcoming Olympia Snow gear will be used in sponsorship programs, in categories such as snowcross and snowbike.

For more information on the new Olympia Snow apparel, visit us at or follow us via Olympia’s social media; @olympiamotosports.

About Us: Since our humble beginnings almost 15 years ago, Olympia has grown steadily to become an important player in the premium riding apparel segment. From the outset, we’ve continually listened to consumer concerns and preferences. This valuable knowledge has helped us stay ahead of the curve, guided our design approach and helped us create high quality, affordable apparel. Our core values have always included an emphasis on premium components and unique features. These crucial elements have been the cornerstone of our success from day one and we’ll continue to highlight these characteristics as we enter the Snow category in the fall of 2017.

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