EVS TP199 Knee Guards

The first 3-in-1 modular knee protection. The TP199 can be worn as a low profile knee sleeve, knee gard or combined for full coverage support and protection.


Designed specifically for Travis Pastrana, the official TP199 knee guard offers everything for those looking for complete support without the bulk of a traditional knee brace. They are perfect for both track and trail riders.
– Reactive Memory Foam (RMF) patella protection design utilizing advanced impact foam technology
– Molded bio-foam upper for increased impact protection
– Silicone strip on inner sleeve helps limit migration while riding
– Integrated internal floating knee sleeve helps give continued support even during brace migration
– Fully breathable mesh backing to help with temperature control
– Low profile, hard molded shin guard slips easily into your boot
– Sizes: S/M, L/XL, & Youth
– Sold in pairs

Rhyno skin

Rhyno skin fabric is made from durable performance stretch fabric. This ultra-high stretch fabric. This ultra-high abrasion resistant material is designed to withstand constant impacts and variable conditions encountered while riding

RMF Pattela protection

The reactive memory foam (RMF) patella protection is made from advanced impact foam technology. This material allows it to bend and flex under low pressure, but hardens under hard impact.

Molded bio-foam

The molded bio-foam provides added protection to quadriceps and meniscus areas. These areas are often overlooked by other knee supports.

Floating inner knee sleeve

The floating inner knee sleeve provides added support and prevents migration of the outer guard during use. The sleeve is easily removable allowing modular use either as a separate knee support or it can be incorporated with the outer guard for top tier support. Medial and lateral gel pads allow for greater grip to your bike with less pain.


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